Warning lights on your dash

As we all know there are an awful lot of different warning lights on the dash of todays cars, and just like in the cockpit of an airplane, they all have a purpose and meaning. The thing that many people overlook is that the color of the warning light has ranking of importance as well as the light itself. For example, when you turn your cuise control on, many cars have a light to indicate that it is on, and many times that light is green similar to a traffic light (good to go). Some cars with traction contol option, have the ability to turn traction control on or off, and that light would normally be amber in color, again similar to traffic light (procede with caution). Other lights on the dash like brakes, air bag, SRS and so on, may turn on and be red in color, this indicates that there is a problem with one of these systems that can cause a safety issue with the car. This is an indicator that needs immediate attention, red means stop driving according to our traffic lights. Just be aware that the warning lights on your dash are trying to warn you of a ponential saftey problem. Please do not ignore them, get them checked out. Call us to help keep you and yours safe.    #Warning Lights   #Check Engine Light   # ABS light

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