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  • Warning lights on your dash

    Posted on 13, April, 2016

    As we all know there are an awful lot of different warning lights on the dash of todays cars, and just like in the cockpit of an airplane, they all have a purpose and meaning. The thing that many people overlook is that the color of the warning light has ranking of importance as well as the light itself. For example, when you turn your cuise control on, many cars have a light to indicate that it is on, and many times that light is green similar to a traffic light (good to go). Some car... read more

  • Why we do what we do

    Posted on 22, May, 2015

    At Ken’s we understand that second only to your home, your vehicle(s) are your biggest annual expenditure.* We also know how it feels to be driving down the road and experience something wrong with your vehicle that you weren’t expecting. That sudden knot in your stomach, wondering if your transportation is going to get you were you need to go or break down and leave you stranded. We know because we have traveled that road, felt that anxiety and didn’t like being at someone&rsq... read more

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