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  • Gasoline Direct Injection

    Posted on 30, May, 2018

      Question: My new car has a “GDI” engine. What does that mean to me and other Fort Collins vehicles with this new type of engine? Kens Muffler and Automotive Answer: GDI stands for Gasoline Direct Injection. It's a type of fuel injection system that is becoming very popular on modern engines. Let's talk about the two most common forms of fuel injection. Port... read more

  • Cabin Air Filter

    Posted on 23, May, 2018

    Let's talk about cabin air filters. There seems to be some confusion about them in Fort Collins that we should be able to clear up. Much of the confusion starts because cabin air filters are relatively new. Not all vehicles in Fort Collins have them, so some people confuse their cabin air filter with the engine air filter. Every vehicle in CO has an engine air filter that cleans the air going into the engine, but not all have a cabin air filter that cleans... read more

  • What does your oil filter do?

    Posted on 16, May, 2018

      As your engine runs, dirt gets into the oil. Oil sludge can also start to build up. Fortunately, motor oil contains detergents that clean the engine and gather up contaminates. The oil circulates through the oil filter where clumps of dirt and sludge are captured. An oil filter can eventually get clogged up — so much so that oil cannot flow freely through the filter material. Of course, you don’t want to starve your engine of oil, so a valve opens in the oil filter allowing o... read more

  • Why You Need to Change Your Transmission Fluid

    Posted on 09, May, 2018

      It’s easy to forget about servicing your transmission because it doesn’t need it very often, but proper transmission service keeps your vehicle running smoothly and helps you avoid costly repairs down the road. The transmission undergoes a lot of stress.  The grit you see in used fluid is actually bits of clutch material. This grit flowing through your transmission under pressure eats away at seals and gaskets which can lead to leaks.  The transmission operates at v... read more

  • Battery Upgrades

    Posted on 02, May, 2018

    Battery Upgrades When that car battery finally gives up the ghost and it's time to replace it,  Fort Collins drivers have options. First, let's be clear that you should always get a replacement battery that meets or exceeds your vehicle's specifications. But you may have some special needs. When they first put the battery into your vehicle at the factory, they had no idea where it would end up over its life or how YOU would use it where you drive in CO. That battery wa... read more